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Amethyst Skies

The Nephreqin demonstrate with expert precision why patience is their way.  In a surprise move, the clandestine organization brings sweet revenge down upon the Dragonslayers and threatens to wipe them out.  Only a daring mission onto the fabled Janwyn Chersonese can set things aright.  A shattered relationship begins to heal, but some things that are broken cannot be mended.


At the same time, economic turmoil sends the Dragonslayers on a cross-continental chase for the culprit, a portal contained within a cloth bag.  One man becomes profoundly rich while entire communities implode from the massive redistribution of wealth.

During the hunt for this bag, the Dragonslayers become separated and one of their number is lost.  The others appear in a strange world where Abyssal agents are swarming--outside the Abyss!  The only force preventing a jinadaar descent onto Arelatha is one of the original avatars, who is mighty and capable but horribly outnumbered.

It's an impossible choice that dooms one of the Dragonslayers no matter how they choose.

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