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Who Are the Dragonslayers?

These stories came about through the collective imaginings of several people nearly two decades ago sitting around my dining room table for hours each Friday night.  Over the span of three years, these dreamers placed themselves in the shoes of unlikely heroes, anti-types who were partly thrust into moral and ethical dilemmas and partly forced to realize the dilemma was often of their own making.  They faced challenges, solved riddles, fought hideous monsters, and yes, even saved the damsel in distress.  They sang tavern songs, wielded mighty weapons, and slayed dragons.

This is their story...

Books in the Series
Book One Cover.jpg

Book One

In the Company of Dragonslayers
Skaen Sister.bmp

Book Two

Scarlet Trails
Book Three

Verdant Horizons

Book Four
Azure Wings
Book Five
Amethyst Skies
Golden Reckoning.jpg
Book Six
Golden Reckonings
Cuauht Throne.jpg
Book Seven
Umber Thrones
Vaeroloth Rising.jpg
Book Eight
Ashen Worlds
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