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Verdant Horizons

The Company of Dragonslayers is commissioned for a relatively simple task: investigate the growing maritime rumors of a vanishing mansion.  But the mission ends suddenly with a shocking death.

Cora devises an unlikely plan to reverse this fate--an audience with the Sacred Council of the Cerion Forest.  If they can find the Cabal, naturally.  If they aren't killed for trespassing first.

Dead calls unto dead, and the Dragonslayers are sent on a cross-country expedition to excavate the remains of one improperly buried.  Meanwhile, Elric obtains a higher calling, which is immediately put to the test.

Reeling from their recent setbacks, the Nephreqin seeks revenge against the Dragonslayers and orchestrates a brutal scheme of treachery that leaves mental, physical, and emotional scars.  And in the attempt to escape both capture and torture, the line between friend and foe becomes blurred.

Will the Dragonslayers remain united?  Is forgiveness for treachery a possibility, or do scars last forever?

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