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Golden Reckonings

Evil grows and spreads across Arelatha, and its source is found to be located in the capital of East Lothania.  Jinadaar hordes have descended upon the land, brought in by the insane devotees of Karashakon the Red who require nothing less than the release of Vaeroloth.  The Dragonslayers may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the world, but the worst part is knowing that they might have helped it along.

Faith is tested, devotion tried, and alliances challenged in a massive operation to destroy the Church of the Red, the jinadaar horde, and all the nefarious schemes in progress.  It will require every resource at the Dragonslayers' disposal, and then some.

But what will they do when they discover that this level of depravity runs in the family?  Can the Dragonslayers kill one of their own, or is there room for mercy?  Will there even be time for mercy, or will time allow the taint of evil to spread into the hearts of them all?

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