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Azure Wings

The Company of Dragonslayers gains new members, new fame, and new commissions.  An old man's request to resolve an age-old rivalry sheds new light on Elric's quest and Ordin's purpose.  But the way forward is fraught not only with peril, but also unholy alliances that test both Cora's will and Elric's moral fiber.

Facing an ancient dragon is daunting enough, but walking straight into the burial chamber of a son of Vaeroloth, one of the Ancients...?  Foolhardy at best.  Doing so while following a lich and leading the untethered soul of that Ancient to his body...?  Are they trying to end the world?

The Dragonslayers discover the depths of evil that exist in the world, how quickly it grows and spreads, and to what lengths of depravity it will go to see the unthinkable happen--the release of Vaeroloth from the Abyss.

It will require strength of devotion to the Maker and great personal sacrifice to prevent the triumph of Evil.  But whatever happens, it is certain the Dragonslayers will be forever changed.

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