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Scarlet Trails

On the heels of a great victory, the Dragonslayers are thrust into the light of fame.  But the town of Westmeade is shaken to its core when Cora's company stumbles across a clandestine organization known as the Nephreqin and their plot to assassinate the Duke of Alikon.

Light shines in dark corners long forgotten, exposing a Nephreqin agent on Westmeade's ruling Council and forcing Councilmen to split allegiances and choose sides.  Only a speedy investigation by the Dragonslayers can determine the truth.  It's a race against time, distance and several obstacles--some of their own making--if they are going to prevent the hostile coup and the possible death of the Duke.  

But someone wants the Dragonslayers killed, someone highly devoted to the Nephreqin.  Someone well connected to the Duke. 

Lives and reputations are at stake as the Dragonslayers are called upon to save a nation...if they don't destroy themselves first.

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