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In the Company of Dragonslayers

Cora O'Banion, a young and idealistic songsage, leaves home against her parents' wishes to pursue fame, fortune, and an heirloom sword.  She teams up with a mismatched and hapless crew: Cuauhtérroc, a savage from the Audric Jungle; Celindria Matherthorne, a prejudiced and superficial reeve; Ordin Austmil-Clay, a bitter mystic running from destiny; and Elric Reichtoven, a fun-loving and non-serious warrior who can't sit still.

Cora quickly learns that although freeblading is technically legal, it is not unlimited.  An early brush with the law nearly ruins her reputation and the lives of those who are associated with her.  But facts are revealed that shed new light on cases thought long-closed and undermine the comfort of a cozy town.

Ride along with these intrepid misfits on their journey of self-discovery, as they learn to trust one another despite their differences.  It is only when they work together that they can become Dragonslayers.

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