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Ashen Worlds

Years have passed and Arelatha has settled into a calm.  Peace has returned to the continent, economies restored, and lives rebuilt.  The Nephreqin has been decimated and civilization has been extended to the Audric Jungle.  So much progress has been made, in fact, that freeblading has once again been outlawed.

And so the Dragonslayers have officially disbanded.  Each surviving member has aged.  Many have married, birthed children, taken up more traditional employment, and settled into domestic life.  But a random visitor at Cora's house threatens to undo it all.

The Dragonslayers are called out of retirement for one final mission, and this time it's not just their lives that are at risk--their very name is on the line!  One last dragon remains.

In the culmination of everything that has gone before, the Dragonslayers discover at last what all the pain and suffering, plotting and scheming, death and destruction was all about.  And for each of them, it may at last spell the end.

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