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Cuauht Throne.jpg


Umber Thrones

Cuauhtérroc's sudden disappearance sends the Dragonslayers into a panic, followed by a world-wide search.  When he is finally discovered, it quickly becomes apparent that freeblading is done.


War has begun.

It will take an unprecedented combination of engineering, politicking, spellcraft, and logistical mobilization to affect Cuauhtérroc's rescue, without which he and his entire civilization will perish.  With Amurraks returning from the south and the Nephreqin seizing the north, there is little hope for the Audric jungle but ruin and subjugation of its people.

None of the Dragonslayers could have prepared for this sudden descent into the chaos of jungle warfare, and none of their prior experiences will help them here.  Creativity, camaraderie, and companionship are the only things upon which they can rely, but will it be enough?

Will their lives end in an ignoble and unsung jungle conflict?

For some...yes.

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