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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Celindria Matherthorne

Most of Celindria's life before she was ten is a vague memory, and she prefers not to recall those blessed days. She had a family then--a father, a mother, and two brothers. One horrific encounter with a lupinfell, a dragon-blooded wolf, changed all that and left Celindria alone in the world and broken of both body and soul.

A band of reeves from the Greenbrier Forest had been tracking that lupinfell for days, intent on ending its path of destruction. When the corrupted creature paused in the chase to attack the Matherthorne homestead, the reeves finally were able to kill it, but not before it had devastated the life of a little ten-year-old girl.

The reeves carried Celindria's limp and bleeding body back to their camp where they revived her and raised her to adulthood, teaching her mastery of the bow, stealth, and hunting. They taught her to revere the Maker of Nature, protecting the natural Creation from the corrupting influence of dragonspawn. But they could never restore her innocence. Celindria grew bitter and vengeful, and eventually left the reeves with the goal of ridding the earth of all dragon-bloods.

Celindria feels an emptiness continually gnawing at her, a void that she attempts to fill with caustic humor and one-night stands. Neither action achieves the desired result, however, as she insults those who truly care for her and she attracts only those who view her as a cheap thrill. On her own, Celindria has failed to satisfy the deeper longing of her tortured soul. Having reached the end of her list, her patience, and her hope, she decides to join a vigilante group. Perhaps camaraderie is what she needs; maybe being alone with her haunting memories is slowly killing her. Maybe...a naïve redhead and a dark-skinned savage can help her...

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