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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Devin Rhynn

The incomparable, the famous, the world-renown Devin Rhynn--Cora O'Banion's mentor, trainer, and inspiration...and some would say her instigator and cause of all her troubles. Cora the Younger first meets him the day after her senior recital, when he life seems ready to launch into a career of high-scale musical performance, perhaps one day even before kings. Cora is overcome with excitement at the prospect of interviewing him, for not only is Devin the most heralded of songsages across all Arelatha, but he is also a direct connection to her namesake, Cora the Elder.

But Devin Rhynn was supposed to be dead. Everyone said he was. There had been a funeral. But here sat an impossibly old man--well over a hundred--sipping a warm mead in Lorenvale and talking to Cora. There were tales of dead men walking--the un-dead--and Cora had no desire to interview the object of her nightmares. But he had answers to her past and especially to her grandmother.

Devin began as a fellow adventurer with Cora the Elder, accompanying her as she explored northeastern Arelatha, ran into a band of pirates, sailed the eastern ocean, braved sea monsters, shipwrecks, island cannibals, and--eventually--a massive dragon. He was with the elder Cora when she fell in love with the notorious pirate, Bruce McNeal, and when she had to hide the result of their tryst, a young boy she named Bain. Devin grew in his loyalty to the elder Cora even as he grew in his talent for magical song. When Cora began to express interest in the magical forms of song, Devin taught her what he could, though her talents were limited.

When Cora the Elder retired from her adventuring days, Devin retained her confidence and watched over the young Bain as he grew and journeyed to the village of Hampton, which had recently been renamed Lorenvale after the Elder Cora's last act of charity--the establishment of a school of music.

As the years passed, Devin made a name for himself, published several canons of musical text, and mentored a few promising young talents. But none were as satisfying or enjoyable as the granddaughter of his friend, Cora O'Banion the Younger. And none were nearly as talented. Through various means--perhaps sheer force of will--Devin extended his natural life, desiring this one last protege to instruct before he passed. He had six weeks with her, and he threw everything at her she could handle.

And then her parents forbade them speak. Devin packed his few belongings and vanished. Whether he finally died or not is unknown.

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