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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Sir Reginald Hunt

Reginald Latham Hunt was born fifty-one years ago in Alikon of pure Kedethian lineage, a direct descendant of House Lambrick. Both his parents were Kedethian, as were both their parents, and theirs going back as far as anyone cares to research. He is proud of his heritage, his country, and his birthright--the Kedethian Ascendency.

At seventeen, Hunt attend the military academy at Cer Cannaid and joined the Sentinel League, Alikon's elite cavalry. Though he began cleaning stables and shoeing horses, he quickly rose to the rank of Esquire by his twentieth birthday. By the time he was twenty-five, Hunt was leading his own division of the League and commanding the southern front of the nation's defenses during the Wars of Attrition. Under his leadership, the Sentinels successfully blocked several attempts by marauding dragon-bloods from the Maz Nabor that were seeking to gain advantage during the upheaval of continental war.

Between campaigns of this war, Hunt met and married Lilane Chambliss, a stately woman with striking Kedethian features. When his term of service with the Sentinel League was complete, he gladly accepted a post in his hometown of Westmeade as the Captain of the city guard. And he was honored to serve his country once again when the people of Wescott District in Westmeade elected him as their ruling noble.

Four years after accepting that role, Hunt was knighted by the Duke of Alikon, Kurtis Lenair, in a grand ceremony honoring nearly thirty of the commanders during the Wars. The next month, Westmeade commissioned his portrait to be hung in the Hall of Heroes in the Lord's Castle.

Sir Hunt continues to serve Westmeade faithfully as their Captain and Chief Prosecutor. Under his watch, crime in Westmeade has been minimal and swiftly sentenced. Justice is paramount--not only the immediate justice required by laws offended, but also the greater Justice as espoused in the Kedethian Decree. Hunt believes ardently in the Decree and longs for the final realization of the Ascendency, a time when the pure Kedethian Houses rise to prominence and power, ruling over Arelatha with goodness and equity.

But Hunt knows he may never see that day. His grandchildren might, and that means doing what he can today to help usher in that glorious future. As he sits with his favorite pipeweed and a cup of pekoe blend, he ponders what a magnificent day that will be.

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