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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Book Three: Verdant Horizons

"Verdant Horizons," the third installment of the Dragonslayers Saga, follows the freeblades along several crisscrossing trips through Alikon. Newly commissioned by the duke, and freed of their probationary sentence, the Dragonslayers set sail down the Rae Serene, a wide and meandering river. Their destination is the Brack, the swampy river delta where the Serene meets the sea, and a vanishing ghostly mansion.

Problems ensue almost immediately when Cora inadvertently sings the "wrong" song aboard the riverboat, narrowly escaping the wrath of the entire crew. But bad turns to worse in the Brack when a perceived blessing becomes a lethal curse.

Quests are levied, new acquaintances formed, and lives are forever changed as the Dragonslayers are forced to contend with the reality of a growing evil portended in ancient prophecy. But all of that pales in comparison to the evil running loose in Alikon--a being roams freely who should not even exist--and the piercing pain of treachery--love unrequited turns malevolent.

Follow along on their journey of discovery, true loyalty, everlasting friendship, and genuine love...but also severe pain, heartache, and death. It is a time of testing for the Dragonslayers. Can they endure it? Can they forge unbreakable bonds, or will they fracture under the pressure?

I do hope you enjoy the story!

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