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  • Andrew M. Trauger

The Expanded Creation: the Void

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Art by Michael Dunaj

The world of Kreth exists within a much greater space--the Expanded Creation. Besides Kreth, there are six other heavenly bodies that orbit a single sun. Each of these has one or more moons, but to the inhabitants of Kreth, not much is known about these other worlds. Beyond what the eyes can see, there is much that the Maker, through his Paragons, has fashioned.

Today we will explore the Void.

The Void is a transitive plane that touches, overlaps, and interacts with everything in Creation. The Void contains four conceptual "realms" of a metaphysical nature, which the Maker mirrored as a secondary means of preventing Vaeroloth's escape from her abyssal prison. The "aleax" version is the inverse of the four natural realms, effectively making eight in all, with a "Sliver of Silver" passing between them...the Plane of Mirrors.

As a transitive plane, the Void can be entered by a variety of means, including physical travel, which becomes a possible (albeit dangerous) means for traveling to other worlds or even to the Maker's Kingdom before death. There are few creatures who call the Void home, but those that do are most fearsome.

The Shadows is that realm of the Void that frequents all places when light comingles with darkness. It is not dark, nor is it lit. The Shadows may be accessed by the soul-tainting process known as shadow-walking, which some dangerous people are known to practice (e.g.: the Skaen Sisters). Such means of travel carries the inherent risk of becoming trapped in The Shadows--a certain death sentence--or encountering any of the shadowed versions of real creatures, the "Grotesques."

Dreamscape is that realm of the Void that is home to the imaginations of sleeping mind, warped and evanescent as the dreams that spawn it. Access to Dreamscape is mostly thought to be theoretical, but a few have claimed to have done it. One such claimant said that his mind was opened to infinity, after which he promptly died. Most are content to wander Dreamscape in their dreams; however, some are attempting to gain control of not only their own dreams but also the dreams of others.

Phantasm is that realm of the Void that is the home of ghostly visages, haunts, and specters--collectively known as "Phantoms." Access to Phantasm is undoubtedly one of the most frightening of thoughts, but some have claimed to have done it. Most people spend their time trying to close off the ability of these phantoms to appear in the world; none are interested in going to their world.

The Aperture is that realm of the Void that most people think of, for it is nearly entirely empty. But is can be a place to encounter the heavenly hosts (avatars) outside of Paradise or the abyssal hosts (jinadaar) that have escaped the Abyss are are looking for a way past the Sliver of Silver into the material world. It is through this vacant plane that souls travel en route from death to afterlife. Outside of dying, access to The Aperture is possible with powerful magic, or the occasional translocation magic gone awry.

The Sliver of Silver, though technically not a realm of its own, is nonetheless occupied by "mirrored" copies of real creatures, complete in the "opposite" and known collectively as "Aleaxes." This thin and wispy film runs throughout the Void and serves primarily as a barrier dividing Light from Darkness, the Abyss from the rest of Creation. Access to the Sliver of Silver occurs only through actual mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Once accessed, however, it is nigh impossible to leave.

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