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  • Andrew M. Trauger

The Sons of Vaeroloth

Vaeroloth, commonly known as the "Great Dragon"--indeed, many refuse to say her name for fear she might be listening--was created by the Maker as one of the three original Paragons of the Triality. She was given the power to create life and imbue her creations with knowledge of the Maker. She believed her power made her equal with the Maker himself, but she was wrong.

After an attempted coup, she was cast down to Kreth to find humility, repentance, and reconciliation with the Maker. Instead, she rebelled, and in a singular act of incomprehensible vileness, Vaeroloth stripped her soul from her body. From her lifeless form she crafted five dragons in her likeness--her five "sons"--infusing them with life and commanding them to destroy the world.

The Great Dragon was cast into an Abyss made especially for her, but her sons were left to roam the world of Kreth, leaving paths of destruction everywhere they went. Before long, they turned on each other in a bitter, violent quest to rule it all. Centuries later, it was plain their bitter struggles were never going to be anything more than a stalemate. They agreed to each rule a separate continent, and there was tenuous peace. Over a millennium later, the sons of Vaeroloth became contented merely to corrupt the Maker's Creation by interbreeding with natural creatures, thereby propagating a line of dragonkin after his kind.

Karashakon -- Perhaps the strongest and most aggressive of her sons, first-born Karashakon the Red is fierce, demanding, and powerful. He strives for complete domination of all, including his brothers, requiring ultimate servitude or death. He is brutal, bloodthirsty, and tyrannical in his quest for world domination. His desire to rule everything has never quite subsided, and he looks for opportunities to spread his influence. One of the primary ways he has gained dominance is through interbreeding, producing the feral and fast-multiplying hodekin, the strong and mighty alituri, and the vicious rotlarks. His spawn, the red dragons, are among the most ferocious beasts known to man. Currently, Karashakon is alive and rules the continent of Eibinia.

Valkyrion -- The second son of Vaeroloth, Valkyrion the Blue, preferred a more subtle approach to dominance. His scheming duplicities undermined everything his brothers tried to accomplish, as he established fronts, facades, and decoys to sow discord through deceit. When he killed, which he often did, it was with precision, but always under cloak of night or veil of shadow. Valkyrion assassinated perhaps as many as Karashakon destroyed outright, and through his treachery commanded the fear of all his brothers in his pursuit of global upheaval. To this end, he is the progenitor of the more cunning dragon-bloods: the fathach, the lupinfell and the graceful but deadly shimmerkin. Currently, Valkyrion is dead. He formerly ruled the continent of Arelatha.

Tortaralon -- Filled with envy from his birth, the third-born son of Vaeroloth, Tortaralon the Green, is a spiteful, bitter disease who desires nothing less than ultimate suffering. If he cannot be the triumphant ruler, then he sees that no one should be. All must be made to suffer as he does. He spreads his foul nature throughout Creation in the form of pestilence, plague, famine, and drought, securing first what he desires and leaving nothing but misery for everyone else. His admixture with Creation has produced the foul boggrel, the bakali, the ripclaw, and the gharial--greedy souls one and all. Currently, Tortaralon is dead. He formerly ruled the continent of Anura.

Falasteron -- The fourth son of Vaeroloth, Falasteron the Black, is a dark son indeed and likely embodied the heart most closely matching his mother's. So malicious is he that he would simply destroy everything, to the point of leaving even nothing for himself. He cares not to rule the world or to subvert its order, nor does he seek to inflict gruesome pain upon others as he amasses power for himself. No, Falasteron would rather just destroy it all in a complete genocidal fit of annihilation. To aid in this destructive rampage, he fathered the line of Roark, the nisser, and the grimalkin. Currently, Falasteron is dead. He formerly ruled the continent of Okoya.

Malfastadon -- The last son of Vaeroloth was the quiet one, Malfastadon the White. The smallest of the five brothers, though no less powerful, his introspective ways were unsettling and suspicious. As the other four raged and fumed in their attempts to dominate, overthrow, oppress, or destroy, Malfastadon loathed Creation altogether, and in his hatred, he brought the icy sting of depression upon huge swaths of the world, inflicting apathy, ugliness, and suicidal sprees upon all living things. His neglect was far more than simply ignoring the world, it was the power to suck the joy, beauty, and very life out of it. Some of his corrupted creatures include the dread sioch, and the komaci. But Malfastadon is infinitely more famous for giving the world a broad spectrum of walking corpses, creatures whose souls have been pulled clean of their bodies, leaving roaming husks--the Soulless. Currently, Malfastadon is alive and rules the continent of Winterhind.

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