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Despite the fact that I have pared down my first novel--Scarlet Trails--from 800 pages to 600, and despite that I have extended the original thoughts of a trilogy into a seven-volume series, I still have written TOO MANY WORDS!


So, the preponderance of sage advice given me is that I will meet with much greater success if I cut, cut, CUT! And so out came the digital scissors, that overused and worn out "delete" key. Scarlet Trails is now a two-volume book of its own, and the series has grown to an 8-volume set as a result.

That means a better flow, a less weighty tome, and a much higher probability that a publisher will take a chance on me. If everything flops, then neither they nor I have spent/lost a lot of money, but if everything is wonderful, then there will be a ready readership for the "second half"--er--for Book Two.

So have another peek at the "About" section, where I've laid out a new order of books. I really love the graphic for the "new" Book One, so if you are an artist and would like to render some original artwork that fits that vein, give me a shout! After a little tidying up, I'll be ready to go to print!

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