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And So It Begins...

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I wrote a book...well, let's back up a bit.

I played an interactive, impromptu, and engrossing game with a small group of people. For three years, we met every Friday night for a few hours and had a great time stretching our collective imaginations, laughing, bonding, creating memories. I kept notes. Then one day I started looking back at all those notes and thought, "You know, this would make a pretty good story." So I started writing, mainly to etch in stone our memories. It was a creative outlet, to be sure, and I was not in the least bit serious about it.

I sent bits of it to those folks who had weekly sat around my dining room table for three years, and they loved it. Some said I should get it published, but I laughed. I had no intentions of doing anything of the sort. It was just for fun. Just an exercise for my creativity.

That was fifteen years ago. I have now written a legitimate novel. Two of them, actually, and I'm currently working on a third. A whole series is now planned--seven books in all. Something on the order of 700,000 words have spilled from my fingertips across 1,400 pages. And so it begins...

The task now is finding a publisher willing to take a chance on me. That won't be easy, and I know it. The most famous authors each were rejected multiple times before someone accepted. I have that row to hoe now. But, in the meantime, I thought I'd put up a blog in which I talk about the novels, the characters, the process of writing it, and maybe share some of the memories from our little group.

Oh...I'll also post chapters from the books.

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11 ago 2020

Well done! Excited to see more!

Me gusta
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