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Approaching the End of a Book


Later today I will post the Epilogue for Book One: "In the Company of Dragon Slayers." It has been an epic journey, and I truly appreciate you taking the journey with me. But the truth is, this has been just the first step.

As you browse my website, especially in the "About" section, you will see that there are EIGHT volumes planned in this series. The story of Cora, Cuauhtérroc, Ordin, and Elric is far from over. This is certainly not the end.

But it might feel that way for a time. This first volume is currently being critiqued, and my sister is finishing up the interior artwork as planned. I'm on the hunt for the "perfect" cover artist, who can not only provide a snappy cover for Book One, but also coordinating covers for later volumes, art for a box set, and maybe even some promotional art. Then, I am also trying to locate a publisher who will take a chance on this unknown author.

My plan is to publish the book this summer--yep, within six months I fully intend to have online and hardcopy books available for your spec-fic appetites! In the meantime, I will keep you updated here on my progress, perhaps even putting up a progress thermometer or visible checklist so you can see (and anticipate) the publication.

I will ALSO start putting out chapters from Volume Two, which has been written but really needs some good editing.

Thanks to all who have followed me to this point. I hope you have enjoyed reading the tale as much as I did writing it.

A. M. Trauger

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