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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Cora O'Banion: Book Two

Cora sees Cer Cannaid for the first time.

She killed a dragon. She has the heirloom sword. And she's still stuck in Westmeade.

There's nothing to do but continue seeking clues regarding the occupant of Wilder Tower, and her first big breakthrough dies in her arms. And so does someone dear to her. Death becomes a frequent visitor; the smell of blood a common scent.

The sheltered girl of Lorenvale, so idealistic and naïve, must stare "the real world" square in the face and make some tough decisions. She wrestles with doubt as the mantle of "leader" settles onto her pale shoulders. The men around her--Cuauhtérroc, Ordin, and Elric--are a scattered and sometimes hapless crew, each doing as he sees fit without much regard to her station as leader or the safety of anyone else. It's only when tragedy strikes that she begins to understand her position is significantly more than that of a "chronicler" of freeblades. She is their voice, their guide, and frequently their conscience. She must actually lead.

Cora's journey through Book Two: Scarlet Trails is one of self-discovery and considerable growth. Weighty decisions rest on her leadership. She faces Councils, royalty, and life-altering situations. Will she see the reality that surrounds her, or will her imagined fancies continue to cloud her judgment? The fates of an Audric savage, an exiled mystic, and a disillusioned guard are in her hands.

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