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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Elric Reichtoven

Son of a leatherworker in Westmeade, Alikon, Elric was raised to take over his father's business. But he didn't "cotton" to that, as he would say. The idea of staying in one place grated on his every nerve, so when he was old enough, he joined the city guard with intent to ride with the Sentinel League. That idea was met with considerable derision, since Elric is shorter and stockier than most men.

He thinks he was born to ride, and points to the singular act of staying in the saddle of a wild stallion as proof. And so it is, that standing sentry at the southern gate of Westmeade drives him crazy. Nothing every happens in Westmeade; there hasn't even been a murder since ol' August Blanchard died outside Marley's Tankard.

When Cora O'Banion shows up with her freeblade group, burn out the top floors of Wilder Tower, and then land in court, Elric stands as witness to their misdeeds. When he, along with a dozen of the Captain's men are tasked with searching out the Tower of clues, he begins to smell the sweet aroma of adventure. And when the Captain sends all his men on furlough, ostensibly to hide details that would vindicate Cora's company, Elric refuses and quits the city guard instead.

Impetuous and non-serious, Elric faces life with energy and passion, especially for food, ale, and cute girls. His lack of focus angers his father and worries his mother. His fondness for the handlebar mustache provides his younger siblings with no end of jokes. But Elric is quite serious about two things: horses and battle. His fighting style might be described as erratic, but it is effective, as he charges in with abandon, surprising his enemies even more than his allies.

Simple and earthy, Elric lacks anything resembling formality or etiquette, but he was raised to value high moral standards and genteel politeness. That's not to say he practices these things, which he doesn't, or that he even thinks about the impact of his actions. He is frequently at fault, but he is also quick to seek reconciliation and to make things right. It could be that joining Cora's freeblade group is exactly what he needs to satisfy his adventurous spirit while reining in his spastic personality. We'll see...

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