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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Epidemiology 101

And so, I have been homebound for several months, avoiding all humanity because--well, all the cool kids are anti-social these days. Anyway, that should have been all the protection I needed, living on several acres out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by good, clean nature as I am. Everywhere I look, people are masked, avoiding contact with each other, and otherwise behaving as if everyone else has the Plague. Which they might, but probably not.

Regardless, we were told that if we gave up all our Liberties, checked our Common Sense at the door, and abandoned all human Decency, then we would be magically free of fear and responsibility. Or, at least we would be free of guilt. Or maybe even the Plague itself.

But none of that was true, apparently. Despite a nation of servile automatons behaving like chattel, despite bewildering layers of safeguards of dubious efficacy, and despite my semi-forced isolation in a lovely wilderness, I caught COVID-19.

It wasn't too bad, actually. A few body aches, tiredness, loss of taste and smell. Lasted a few days. And I would have been perfectly fine after that, probably. But I live in Texas, and if you've been paying attention to national weather lately, you'll know Texas was completely run over by Winter this year. Humbled, crushed, devoured, flattened, and made utterly foolish. I saw Winter coming, and so to prepare for this I went outside in the freezing cold and covered my outdoor pipes, winterized the old truck's radiator, and brought the dogs into the garage. And a developed pneumonia.

COVID was tolerable. Pneumonia not so much. Really wiped me out and showed me the hard limits of my humanity. Still recouping, actually, and I hear it's a long road to full recovery.

So...all that to say, I haven't been working on The Dragonslayers for about 3 weeks. Sorry, guys. But I do believe I'm improving and will get back to the project this weekend. Still on target to publish this summer!

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