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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Lady Celdorin Tarnistorel

Descended of the noble Tarnistorel Family, with a pedigree that can be traced back to the lost lands of Vashan, Celdorin is a proper Lady of the Vashanti. Though born in the Greenbrier Forest--as were the majority of Vashanti--Celdorin was tasked with guiding her people that live in the Cerion Forest. Her presence lends both stability and strength to the growing number of Cerion Vashanti who have settled apart from their forebears.

Stately and regal, Celdorin captures (and captivates) the attentions of all who see her. To other Vashanti, Lady Tarnistrorel is what all strive to be: calm and graceful, confident and poised, intelligent, well-spoken, and uncommonly beautiful. But, to other humans, she is frequently intimidating, unapproachable, and condescending. That she thinks very highly of herself (and, thus, very lowly of others) is evident. Her commanding presence suffers no fools, and yet there is much room in her heart for compassion. Unfortunately, this is unknown to most people, since she shares and openly promotes the views of many high-born Vashanti that the noble Vashanti families (especially) are not human; they are "above" human.

As a part of her mission to guide the Cerion Vashanti, Lady Tarnistorel accepted--required, really--the position of elected noble of Overdale District in Westmeade. She was the first in Westmeade's recorded history to be elected by unanimous vote and by nearly 100% of the people in her district. While serving in this role, she has converted roughly twenty acres of land in her district into a "perfect" arboretum, where every living thing exists in precise harmony with everything else. This remarkable example of plant husbandry would make an excellent spot of tourism, botanical study, or even sublime meditation...except that Lady Tarnistorel disallows any mere "human" to sully the area with such base motivations.

No one knows Celdorin's age or marital status, and an icy stare is the only answer anyone foolish enough to ask will receive. It is rumored that she may have passed the century mark, though she looks barely forty--Vashanti age differently compared to other humans. (Vashanti are human, regardless of what they claim.) She is known to possess a working talent in the arcane, but rarely displays it, preferring instead to study the history of her people and the prophecies of their eventual return to Vashan west of the Dragoncrests. But first, Saení must be found, and to Lady Tarnistorel's great surprise and interest, it appears he may have just been arrested...

For her, it will be no trouble at all to gain a seat on the Tribunal. Or to convince the other two that Ordin Austmil-Clay and his company should be confined within the walls of Westmeade.

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