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Missing Deadlines

For starters, I'm sorry.

I had not only every intention but also every reason to believe that I would self-publish the first novel in this series by summer. Well, it's September now, and school is back in session. Summer's officially over, and that means I missed it.

I could blame COVID, but that's too easy. I did have it, but that was back in February, the same time Texas was hit with the mother of all winter storms and the whole State blacked out in the midst of -14°F. Folks in North Dakota were feeling sorry for us. I could also blame Snowmageddon, or the pneumonia that accompanied it.

I could blame wrecking my vintage pickup, which happened in April. Or changing jobs, which happened in May. Or a vacation to visit my dear grandmother of 88 years, which happened in June. Or that thing in July, or the other thing in August. It doesn't matter, does it? You're already tired of reading this.

So, let me simply say that I am patiently working through the details of cover art and interior maps, and the two artists engaged in this are doing outstanding work. But it takes longer than I expected. SO...Volume One is still in the works, and I will get this published!

I look forward to sharing with you the great news of that much-anticipated event. In the meantime, I have also been busy re-tooling Volume Two and submitting it to my critique group. I will begin posting portions of that in next week.

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