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  • Andrew M. Trauger


Shinnick is a gray wolf and the faithful companion of Ordin Austmil-Clay. He has run the forests with Ordin for nearly five years, from the time he was a small cub.

After Ordin and seven others were rescued from the Roark slave pits deep in the Subterrain, the young mystic remained deeply disturbing. On many occasions, Ordin lapsed into fits of anxiety, uncontrollable rage or panic, and bouts of delusions. Despite the loving care of his mother and five years of intensive training by the mystic Council, Ordin could not be consoled. His nightmares remained frequent and troubling occurrences. When he reached a sufficient level of mastery, the Order gifted him a young wolf cub to raise and train.

Shinnick immediately began to comfort Ordin's fractured mind, restoring him to a semblance of his former self. The wolf's calming influence worked a remarkable healing in the mystic, and the two became inseparable friends. When Ordin relapsed, Shinnick was there to provide that much-needed salve to his soul.

Shinnick fought with Ordin during the dragon-blood conflicts that ultimately ended with Ordin absorbing an electrical attack from the enemy arcanist and accidentally loosing it onto his kinfolk. And Shinnick was exiled right along with him. Together, they roamed the Duchy of Alikon and the Free Lands of Cer Halcyon, ostensibly searching for Ordin's "purspose," but also trying to catch the Tyrants of Steel who had raided their camp.

Shinnick shares a deep and abiding bond with his master, almost an uncanny sense of what the other is thinking. They hunt as one person, provide warmth and comfort one to another, and always seek the other's safety. Lately, Shinnick has come to understand that Ordin will sometimes revert to his fearful days, but he is always there, faithfully guiding his master through the irrational fears.

Ordin would be lost without his wolf. And Shinnick would be lost without his master.

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