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  • Andrew M. Trauger

Sir Anthony Prisido III

The Lord of Westmeade and Ruler of the High Council has been a Prisido for nearly a century, and Sir Anthony Prisido III is simply the fifth in that long, prestigious line. It should be noted that nobility in Westmeade is actually elected and not given by divine right or inherited. And yet, the Prisido family line has ruled Westmeade for so long that the castle, formerly known as the Lord's Castle, has in recent years become known as Prisido Castle.

It's hard to tell if anyone is bothered by this. The elections, so far as anyone knows or cares, are open and fair, and a son of House Prisido has been chosen its ruler for a long, long time.

Sir Anthony can trace his heritage back for several hundred years to the original House Prisido of Kedeth, which is a proud House in the mother country as well. He was high-born to be sure and his position was presumed after his father and grandfather retired from political life. But he worked hard for the title nonetheless.

Anthony joined the Sentinel League as soon as he was old enough and served with distinction, earning the Silver Star for acts of bravery during various dragon-blood incursions in the Maz Nabor. For this he was knighted and a portrait commissioned. He was an emissary for a time to Arvoria before the Wars of Attrition to help calm tensions over trade routes down the Rae Serene. When war began, he was called to lead a company of fighting men in a wintry march through the Grottoes to aid Kedeth against advancing Lothanians. His men were never required to fight, but the swiftness and efficiency he displayed did not go unnoticed.

Not one to suffer fools, Sir Anthony presses forward to the heart of a matter, exacting truth from sentiment, action from dreams. He comes across as dour and serious, and often he is, but this is because he carries a lofty name, a proud heritage, and a solemn duty to his country and his town.

Now, at sixty-three, many wonder whether he will retire as his father and grandfather before him. Notably different in his case is the absence of a son. His only daughter married a landed noble from Arvoria and has raised four children to maturity, but none aspire to continuing the Prisido legacy in Westmeade. It looks like Prisido Castle may soon, for the first time in ninety-four years, become the home of a different name.

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