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The Trithemius

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Karruthian Maar, Boedy Drackip, and Rillis Blus

The Trithemius is a trio of powerful arcanists that informally oversees Arelatha. Though the three rarely see eye-to-eye on important matters, a fact that cause many to scoff, they believe this continual disharmony to be a strength that prevents them completely ruling in tyranny or for selfish gain. With a history stretching nearly half a century, the Trithemius has seen many important and respected men and women among its members. These are the current members:

  1. Boedy Drackip -- Born in Arvoria over 70 years ago, Boedy excelled at the arcane arts early in life. As a devoted student, he outpaced his classmates at the Cer Halcyon University of Magick and graduated a year early with top honors. He frequently dreamed of studying at the feet of the Trithemius, and eagerly accepted an invitation to train under the aging Cassius Valdere. Upon Valdere's death ten years later, Boedy was extended the invitation to join the Trithemius. The following spring, at the age of 29, Boedy became the youngest member in organization history, and will soon reach his fiftieth year of service. Boedy does not like to rule; he prefers to guide, quietly shepherding the kings and leaders of nations from the background. He currently lives in an undisclosed location in the Duchy of Alikon.

  2. Rillis Blus -- When he was 42, Rillis joined the Trithemius with the passing of Brellia O'Clary. He is approaching his twentieth year with the trio. As the son of a former Trithemius member, many have suggested that he gained the position without merit. But very few can question or challenge his prowess with the arcane arts. Prior to joining the cabal, Rillis had taken top prize in the Tournament of the Arcane five separate times in nine years, breaking the previous record. Always eager to display his mastery of the arcane, Rillis is sometimes seen as overly quick to action, especially when patience is needed. He currently lives in a stone cottage north of Westmeade in the Duchy of Alikon and prefers to fish in the various lakes in the northern Grottoes when he gets the chance.

  3. Karruthian Maar -- As the newest member of the Trithemius, Karruthian (or KarMar, as his friends call him) has cast some doubt on the other members' better judgment for allowing him a seat on the cabal. Even at 47, Karruthian displays a quick temper and considerable impatience for the "petty squabbles" of the political folk. Even more than Rillis, Karruthian desires action, but not of the type designed to impress the onlookers. His methods are more subtle, subversive even. Where Boedy would gently guide a king's decisions and Rillis would blow up the castle, Karruthian would prefer to slip in and make the king disappear. Forever. Where KarMar lives is anyone's guess.

Three very different men; three distinct approaches. By design, they are to counterbalance each other, providing checks against an abuse of power in any member. At times it has been a tenuous arrangement with rumors of the Trithemius disbanding almost with each new member's initiation. But the trio always re-centers and finds a way to work together for the good of Arelatha.

This organization worked steadfastly but ultimately in vain to prevent the Wars of Attrition from occurring, spending a great deal of time with each national leader to broker peace. But by not realizing that nations were imploded due to Nephreqin sabotage, the Trithemius missed the greater cause, and war ended up ravaging the continent anyway, reshaping all the maps. Despite what could be called a significant failure on its part, the Trithemius is nevertheless considered to be the balance that holds all nations together in relative harmony.

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