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Working out the Kinks

Just to keep you updated...

I belong to a critique group that is meticulously combing through Book One: The Company of the Dragon Slayers one chapter at a time. They're over halfway through, which is exciting. It's a good group of folks, and they are quite good at spotting and calling out my errors, poor writing, and full-on lack of consistency. Given that I have self-edited a dozen times and my friends and family have edited a couple of times, I really wasn't prepared for the sheer quantity of problems this critique group has found. But I am really glad for it.

So, at this point (end of February 2021), and at the pace we've been going, I expect they'll be finished by end of April. And this is very exciting, because that enables me to hit my personal goal of publishing this summer.

Props to my peeps! The Drossburners, part of the RealmSphere.

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